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There are hundreds of real estate offices in Canada and thousands of real estate agents. The competition within the industry is fierce and relentless. But, it’s not just the competition you need to keep an eye on but the many elements influencing the changes and the sudden increase in house prices, loans, and mortgages.

The real estate industry is not affected by factors and elements within. The real estate industry is one of the most unstable markets there are in the world, no matter what country. People lose their money in a bad investment. Families are trampled with debts and can’t keep up.

But with the right information and professional assistance, people can make more informed decisions in these long term commitments that would affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones greatly.

That is what Julio Smith realized while working as a translator back in 2013.

Julio Smith started it all

Smith then started the Jill Johnson blog to educate first-time homebuyers about the factors they need to consider before purchasing a residential property or an apartment to live in or rent out to tenants.

With only a couple of blog entries out, hundreds of people already got in touch with Smith and asked for his expertise. They didn’t know that Smith was not affiliated with any real estate provider and was only sharing his own experience and the experience of those people around him in real estate.

But with the on-going demand for help and information, Smith quit his day job and learned everything he could about real estate. Not long after that, he started his small firm in Lumby, BC. He hired two agents to work with him and to auction out a couple of small residential properties in the area.

It was not just about selling the properties but about educating people. Smith and his two agents conducted focus groups and seminars for first time home buyers and those looking for property investment opportunities for the first time.

A Real Estate Collective

Jill Johnson is a real estate powerhouse able to assist people with every aspect of the market. We help people establish their endgame whether they want a home to live in or investment to get cash flow.

We will help you in every way we can.