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Jill Johnson, real estate extraordinaire team. We help home buyers and investors make the best property decision of their lives. Are you looking to buy a house or invest in one? Are you familiar with the property cycle? Do you know the hotspot where home values are gaining more buyers sentiment?

These questions and more are what we aim to answer and address here at Jill Johnson. We are a team of property managers and principals guiding people to get the house of their dreams. There is so much you need to know before buying a home or a property.

It’s not just about having the money to spend or getting a loan. It is about learning and calculating the capital gain or value you can get in the short and long term after buying your home. We also provide property insights and marketing to our partners here in Canada.

Canada’s property market is not a general one and different provinces are experiencing a different phase from one another. In one province, we have a booming market while in others, we have a recovering market. Where do you tend to buy your property then?

Jill Johnson will help you with your property application, lease renewals, monthly payments, routine inspections, and more. We will introduce and establish the value, the real value of buying a property.